Each year the Valley Church family has the opportunity to impact our community and the world for Christ through our year-end generosity projects. Take a look below at the details of our seven areas we're focusing on this year!

Give to Good News for Christmas

Children of Afghan Refugees in Des Moines

Refugees have escaped the troubles and persecution of Afghanistan, but now face difficult challenges of adjusting to life in Des Moines. Partnering with the “Start Small” project, we can provide diapers and other necessities for needy children… and to show and share the love of Jesus. Let’s build bridges for the gospel to our new neighbors!

Valley Ice Plaza

Last year, we opened this new community bridge and welcomed 3000+ guests during the winter. Ice skating, broom-ball, hockey, and more. We desire to expand and improve this outreach with an improved venue and deeper hospitality at the Valley Community Center. Let’s connect thousands more to the love of Jesus and his people at Valley Church!

Iranian Church in Brussels

The Iranian church in Brussels is growing by leaps and bounds! Help our global partners in Brussels as they reach Iranian immigrants. Your gift can help create and sustain a nationwide (Belgium) conference and spark a major movement of new Iranian believers.

A New Day for Athens

God is sparking a new day for the gospel in Athens! Our global partners there are seeing tremendous growth, but now they need a new (much larger) venue… plus a training program for worship leaders. Your gift can be a catalyst to mobilize even greater outreach in this ancient city – where God is doing a new thing!

Hand in Hand

Valley Church has been blessed to provide one of the premier ministries for people with special needs in the nation. Help us continue to grow and equip this ministry to serve these special children and adults as well as their families.

Love You Des Moines

We love our neighbors, and we love Des Moines. Help us reach more diverse people groups through service, relationships, compassion, and wellness. And our Love You Des Moines Days is expanding to reach even more people than the 8,000+ last year!

Block Party Trailer for Brazil

Equip our partners with Reach Global in Brazil with a block party trailer similar to the one we have at Valley Community Center to help them build bridges to their neighbors. The block party trailer includes inflatables, popcorn machine, puppet theater, sound system, carnival games, and more. A fun way to love the neighbors!

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