We are now offering several IN-PERSON options in addition to our online options.
Choose whatever is best for you and your household!


Masks guaranteed


Worship in the Chapel featuring hymns
Masks guaranteed

AUDITORIUM – 9:30 & 11 AM

High energy worship with a full band
Masks strongly recommended


Acoustic worship at the Valley Community Center
Masks strongly recommended

CHAPEL – 9:30 AM

Acoustic worship
Masks strongly recommended


Plenty of space for you at the Valley Community Center
Masks strongly recommended

Please remember to check in when you arrive. We’re excited to see you!

We are now offering nursery and Sunday School at 10:15 & 11 am for kids ages birth-5th grade!

10:15 am Check-In Locations:

Doors open at 10 am to ensure parents have enough time to get to the Valley Community Center for the 10:15 am worship gathering.
Nursery (ages 0-3 years):  Check in at the lower level Nursery Counter.
Sunday School (ages 4 years-5th grade):  Check in at the lower level Children’s Ministry Desk.

11 am Check-In Locations:

Nursery (ages 0-3 years):  Check in at the nursery counters on the upper level.
Sunday School (ages 4 years-5th grade): Check in at the lower level Children’s Ministry Desk.

To ensure we can serve your families safely, please reserve the space in our children’s programming for families attending the 10:15 & 11 am services. 

Current Safety Protocols:
  • Hand sanitizer and/or hand washing prior to entering and between activities
  • Keeping kids in small groups of 10 or less with a leader
  • Keeping these groups of 10 socially distanced from each other
  • Masks optional (but strongly recommended) for children
  • Masks or shields optional (but strongly recommended) for volunteers except our nursery volunteers. Due to the close proximity of these volunteers to children, we are asking them to wear a mask or shield when serving.
  • Minimal sharing of supplies
  • Limited toys available and always cleaned between children playing with them
  • We are asking one parent to drop off and the same parent to pick up
  • Remote or assisted check in only
  • We’ve changed the drop off and pick up patterns to help maintain social distancing in our hallways. Please watch for signs to help you!

Regathering FAQ

Will online church still be an option?

Yes! We recognize that all of us have different perspectives, different needs, and different levels of comfort. And that’s ok! We will continue to offer the same high-quality online worship experience each weekend. Furthermore, if you fall into a high-risk category, we encourage you to stay home and continue worshipping with us online. We look forward to serving you in this way.

Should we wear masks?

Masks are guaranteed at 8 am auditorium worship and at the 8 am Traditions worship. Masks are strongly recommended at all other worship gathering times.

Please continue to to maintain social distance. We’re all in this together…just six feet apart!

Will there be options for my children and students?

Nursery and Sunday School are currently available for kids ages birth-5th grade during the 10:15 & 11 am worship gatherings. Please take a look at the details.

Worship activity bags are available for children attending any of the in-person, Sunday morning worship gatherings with their families.

Are we still social distancing?

Absolutely! Your safety is our priority! All our venues maintain social distancing standards while still allowing families to sit together.