Turbo NEXT

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Sunday, July 28 from 8:15 am - 12:15 pm

New to Valley Church? Or just want to discover how to get more involved? We’re putting all four weeks of NEXT into one morning! It’s perfect for those wanting to learn about Valley Church but are short on time. NEXT is an interactive course to learn about our vision and values and help you find your purpose and place at Valley Church!

  • Learn all about our vision, values, and beliefs
  • Get to know our key leaders
  • Meet new friends and get better connected
  • Discover opportunities for growth and involvement
  • Tour the church building and the Valley Community Center
  • Experience Valley’s connection to our community and world
  • Learn how to pursue membership and more
What’s Different about Turbo Next?
  • You won’t miss worship at all! Attending worship at Maplenol Café (with Pastor Quintin’s message) is included as a part of Turbo NEXT.
  • Childcare and children’s ministries provided at Valley Church throughout the morning.
  • FREE breakfast and coffee provided for you.

Location: Valley Church

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