Business as Mission

The purpose of Business as Mission [BAM] is to release the power of business to transform people, communities and nations for the glory of God. An effective way to have influence in a country is to invest in Christian entrepreneurs, who can become successful and influential for the kingdom. Small micro-loans allow for the starting or expansion of a small businesses.

Your gifts to Business As Mission trip expenses or the loan pool are making an impact and transforming lives.

Trips occur throughout the year in three phases, a new team traveling for each phase. Teams work with potential entrepreneurs on various aspects of developing running and maintaining a successful business. Those with business knowledge and backgrounds, especially those who even wondered if your giftedness would ever be beneficial on a mission trip, are encouraged to seek this opportunity. Contact Joe Bantz at for more information.

All gifts go towards the individual’s trip account. Should this individual receive donations in excess of the actual costs for this trip, the excess will be used for others on the trip. If this person is unable to go on the trip, your donation will be used towards the overall cost of the trip. Finally, if all donations received for this trip exceed the actual cost of the trip, the excess will be used for the other Valley Church trips.

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