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Care and Counseling

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Valley Church Care & Counseling exists because hurt and pain exist.

Through individual counseling, couples counseling, and other opportunities, we desire to show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and to equip others to show His love as well.

Christ-Centered Counseling

Our Care and Counseling ministry offers counseling services to any Valley Church individual, couple, or family in need, whether it is for relational issues, addictions, depression, grief, or a difficult time.

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Divorce Care

Going through divorce or separation is one of the toughest traumas one can experience, but you can find hope and healing. You are invited to find help and be with others who understand and are sharing in this healing journey.

13-Week Session

6:30-8 pm • Valley Church

What To Expect

  • Small Group Size: Our group is usually around 10 people.
  • Complete Confidentiality and Privacy: What is shared stays in the room, and it is safe.
  • Small Fee: there’s a $10 fee for a workbook that is used throughout the course.


  • Video Teaching: We watch a 35-minute video each session followed by discussion.
  • Empathetic Leadership: The course is co-hosted by individuals who have experienced divorce. They understand the difficulty but also the hope provided through Christ.
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Care and Counseling Team

Linton Lundeen

Pastor of Care and Counseling

Providing guidance and showing Christ’s love

Our Care and Counseling ministry offers faith-based counseling services for a variety of circumstances.