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Leadership & Staff

Quintin Stieff

Lead Pastor

John Glad

Executive Pastor

Brandon Early

Director of Christian Life

Nick Vander Zwaag

Director of Ministry Advancement

Jake Ferrell

Director of Worship

Tony Stec

Director of Operations

Lisa Lewis

Associate Director of Community Bridges

Linton Lundeen

Pastor of Care & Counseling

Lindsey Marks

Special Needs Lead Associate

Carter Norine

Director of Children's Ministry

Jenna Atwood

Children's Ministry Associate

Lindsey Marks

Hand In Hand Lead Associate

Amy Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Lewis

Associate Director of Community Bridges

Dan Eaton

Community Bridges

Brooke Den Hartog

Health & Wellness Associate

Tony Stec

Director of Operations

Jackie Tysdal

Office Manager

Adam White

Custodial Assistant

Mack Morgan

Operations Lead Associate

Kirk Chervenka

Database Administrator

Scott Victor

Campus Operations Manager

Aaron Reno

Hospitality Team Member

Sanae Vaniman

Resource Management Leader

Sara Vanderbilt

Director of Finance

Krissie Donahue

Finance & HR Associate

Susan McClure

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Megan Christensen

Contributions Coordinator

Sharon Woodward

Life Groups Assistant

Nick Vander Zwaag

Life Groups Assistant

Joe Budish

Middle School Lead Associate

Isaac Rinne

High School Lead Associate

Jodi Overholt

Middle School Associate

Michelle Sieber

Student Ministries Assistant

Sandy Murphy

High School Ministry Associate

Don Long

Life Coach to Global Partners

Brian Cole

Valley Global Director

Adriana Garcia

Spanish Interpretation

Debi Lydic

Director of Women's Ministry

Jake Ferrell

Director of Worship

Dane Fontana

Lead Music & Worship Associate

Aleena Korell

Lead Worship Associate

Brian Witte

Lead Production Associate

Sawyer Flynn

Digital Media Production Associate

Daniel Seymour

Production Associate

Braden Dexter

Communications Associate

Dave Kair

Content Coordinator

Claudia Barr

Communications Associate

Jacob Hanson

Worship Intern