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Practical Parenting Sessions


  • Sunday, October 15 
  • 6-8 pm in the Valley Church Chapel 
  • Please RSVP if you need childcare

This parent-only equipping session will help you raise kids wisely in a tech-saturated world. Valley Church’s Brandon Early is a nationally-recognized expert on the intersection of kids, parenting, and technology. He will share practical, proven advice on how you can help your kids use technology in ways that are fun, healthy, and creative!


  • Sunday, November 12
  • 11 am-12:15 pm in West Central Station

What is sexual identity? What is gender identity? What is the difference between the two? In this seminar, our Children’s Ministry and Student Ministries team will equip parents with knowledge to navigate an ever-changing world regarding sex and sexuality. We will share what we have learned from trusted experts. We will also talk about how you can equip your kids to follow Jesus and influence others in a world where more and more kids and teens are identifying as gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, or something else. 


  • Sunday, January 21
  • 11 am-12:15 pm in West Central Station

During this session we talk about “the talk.” How do you talk with your kids about God’s design for sex? What do you say and at what ages? How do you do it in a way that is not awkward? How many conversations should you have? We’ll discuss all these things and more!


  • Sunday, February 4
  • 6-8 pm in the Valley Church Chapel 
  • RSVP if you need childcare

We know our kids are growing up in a screen-saturated world. Kids are asking for phones at younger and younger ages. Licensed mental health therapist Jill Thomas will share how screens can affect kids’ mental health and how you can set up appropriate boundaries for your kids at different ages.