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Leader Resources


Teaching | This message is formatted to include discussion questions throughout. However, if it would be better for your group, you can do the discussion at the end.

Download/Edit Teaching

Discussion Questions | If you want to do your discussion at the end instead of throughout the message, you can download and use this document!

Download Discussion

Reflection | If you want to take your discussion a step further, you can hand out these reflection cards (referenced in teaching) to get students thinking about their gifts.

Download Reflection


Speed Friendshipping

Prepare | Download & print the sheets provided below. Print enough for each person in your group to have one.

How to Play | Split your group into two equal groups. Have your two groups line up shoulder to shoulder (in their groups) and face the opposite group. Have everyone sit down. The person they are facing is now their friend for the round. Give everyone a handout with questions. Using their sheets, each friend group will have 1 minute to answer/ask as many questions as they can to get to know each other. After a minute, have one line shift one person to the right (the person on the end loops around to the other end). Keep going until everyone has had a chance to meet!

Download Handouts


Prepare | If you want to play BINGO, reach out to Sandy or Isaac and we can get you set up with the supplies!


Prepare | Bring a stopwatch or other timing device, a notepad and pencil for scorekeeping, blank slips of paper, & two baskets or other containers for the slips.

How to Play | Each round of the game proceeds as follows: A player from Team A draws a phrase slip from Team B’s basket. After he/she has had a short time to review the slip, the timekeeper for team B notes the time and tells the player to start. Team A then has three minutes to guess the phrase. If they figure it out, the timekeeper records how long it took. If they do not figure it out in three minutes, the timekeeper announces that the time is up, and records a time of three minutes.

A player from Team B draws a phrase slip from Team A’s basket, and play proceeds as above.
Normally the game continues until every player has had a chance to “act out” a phrase. The score for each team is the total time that the team needed for all of the rounds. The team with the smallest score wins the game.


Prepare | Grab a bag and place random items from around your house in the bag. Make sure they’re appropriate!

How to Play | Split your group into teams of 4-5 students. Each group must use EVERY item in the bag to create an impromptu skit. Keep skit length to 3-5 minutes for the sake of time.

Have students vote at the end for which skit was the best!

Pictionary Telephone

Prepare | Put together a list of predetermined people, places, and things.

How to Play | Have students sit in a line facing one direction. Start at the back of the line and show that person the prompt. The 1st person draws a picture of clue given, the next person writes in words what they think was drawn – students alternate all the way down to the front. See how close they got to the original prompt!


Prepare | Leaders, have a large bowl and strips of paper available. Give each student 3 strips of paper and have them write 1 person, 1 place, & 1 thing. Collect everyone’s papers. To create teams, have students sit in a circle, then number each person 1 or 2, alternating around the circle. This creates your two teams (team 1 & team 2).

How to Play | To play, pick one student to start the game. Give this student the bowl, instructing them not to look at the strips, but to draw randomly. When a student draws a word, their goal is to get their teammates to guess the word on that slip. Each player gets 1 minute to get as many correct guesses from their team as possible. Students get 2 passes per round. When their time is up, add up their correct guesses and mark down their score. Collect all slips that were drawn, including ones that were not guessed, and put in a discard pile. The bowl then gets passed to the next player to their left (which will be on a different team) and it is now the other team’s turn to guess.

Rounds | There are 3 rounds:

  • Round 1: students describe the word on the slip without saying that word.
  • Round 2: students act out the word on the slip.
  • Round 3: Students can only say 1 word to describe the word on the slip.

Each round is over when all slips in the bowl have been cycled through. Each round begins with all slips being put back in the bowl and redrawn for the new round. The team with the most points at the end, wins!


NOTE: This schedule is just an example (based on Freshman group this Sunday). You do NOT need to follow this schedule. For our group, these times will be very loose and there will most likely be items that we don’t get to. That’s okay! This is just to help you get an idea for how the evening might flow.

  • 6:00 | Hang Out Time #1
    • Food
    • Board Games
  • 6:20 | Welcome & Announcements
  • 6:25 | Ice Breaker: What’s Your Name?
  • 6:35 | Activity: Speed Friendshipping
  • 7:05 | Distinct Devo
  • 7:20 | Activity: Reflection
  • 7:35 | Hang Out Time #2
    • Food
    • Board Games
  • 8:00 | Dismiss Students

Need help planning?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Sandy for help with planning or for any
information/clarification you may need. We’re here to help!