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Final Info for Staff Scavenger Hunt

Schedule for the Night

Parent Info

  • Valley Church is hosting a Church-Wide Get-Together at the Valley Community Center starting at 5 pm on Friday night. Your family is invited to that event before dropping off your middle schooler for the Staff Scavenger Hunt! There will be free food, snacks, drinks, bounce houses, tailgate games, and open gym.
  • Check-in for the Scavenger Hunt is at Valley Church at 6:30pm on Friday.
  • Students should eat dinner before they come. We will serve a snack with pizza and treats around 9:30. 
  • Students should wear comfortable shoes for walking around the Jordan Creek Mall.
  • We will provide transportation to and from the mall.
  • Pick-up is at the Valley Community Center at 10:30pm.
  • Please note that the drop off and pick up locations are different.
  • Students can bring phones if they want—this event provides great photo opportunities with leaders who are dressed up in disguise.
  • Here are the student rules and expectations during our time at the mall.
  • Please email me if you have questions. Text me on Friday at 612-217-0429 if you need to reach me.
  • We’re looking forward to a great night!

-Joe Budish

Volunteer Info

*As of 2 pm Wednesday afternoon, we have about 60 students and 25 leaders participating

*All leaders who are in disguise should meet at the Jordan Creek Mall Food Court NEAR THE FIREPLACE at 6:45pm. Make sure to get some stickers from Warren. Once you’re all at the Fireplace, say hi to one another, make sure you’re all hiding in a variety of locations around the mall, and then get into hiding position. Students will arrive around 7:00pm to begin looking for you! The Scavenger Hunt goes from 7:00-8:15. Please meet us back in the Food Court near the Fireplace at 8:20.

*Costume Advice: Some leaders have asked for advice on costumes. I think a wig is something simple that dramatically alters your appearance. Changing your hair or wearing fake glasses can go a long way, too

*You are encouraged to hide with another leader for your safety and protection.

*If you are hidden really well and no one seems to be finding you, come out of hiding from 8:00-8:15 so it’s easier to find you for the last 15 minutes of the Scavenger Hunt.

*If you realize you are hiding in a store that is turning students away, please leave that store and find another location.

*If anything comes up during the Scavenger Hunt, please don’t contact Joe or Jodi as they will be in disguise as well. We have three parent helpers who are available: Val McFadden (515-681-9712), Carissa Beer (515-290-3582), and Brooke Vaske (515-314-0497)

*Hiding Guidelines

  • Only hide on the upper level
  • No hiding in bathrooms
  • No hiding in restaurants
  • No hiding in Dillard’s or Van Maur
  • No hiding in the movie theater
  • You may hide in Scheel’s (upper level only)  

*When students find you they will ask you, “Do you like dogs or cats?” If they ask you that question you MUST respond by saying, “I like laser cats.”  You must answer with that exact phrase so they know they have found you. Then give each student a sticker to put next to your name on their card. If they don’t know your name, tell them your name. Warren will give you stickers when you check in at the Food Court at 6:45.

*Find a balance between being easy and impossible to find. While it might be fun for you to hide in the coat rack in the back of a store and have nobody find you, it won’t be fun for the students if they can’t find any leaders. The night will be a success if students can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into your disguise, regardless of how easy or difficult you are to find. This event is more about being well-disguised and less about hiding.

*If you see students acting in a way that might get them or our group kicked out of the mall, please talk to them (even if that means breaking your disguise). They should be traveling in groups and not running. No one should be walking around alone.

*Students will ride the bus back to the Valley Community Center. Please plan to follow us back to the Valley Community Center for Fun Time, snaaacks, and awards from about 8:45-10:30! We’ll try to take a group photo will all disguised leaders before we depart from the mall.

*We could use your help setting up Nine Square and a volleyball net once we return to the Valley Community Center!

*Have fun! When else in life can you dress up in a ridiculous costume at a mall while at the same time having fun with 6th-8th graders?!?