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Be a part of our expansion initiative to MAKE ROOM for the future of our Valley family!

Expand what you know

Upcoming Speakers:
Gavin Quill & Pastor Quintin
The Miracle of the Incarnation
Sunday, December 17
8:15 am • 9:30 am • 11 am
Courtyard Hall

Join Us for a New and Improved ValleyU

School is back in session—are you ready to learn from inspiring teachers? This fall and into 2024, come to Valley for a more robust ValleyU! 

We are offering more class times to make ValleyU fit your schedule. Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings—find a time that works for you. Some classes will take place in the auditorium while others may be in the chapel. Check back here for upcoming events and locations.

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What is ValleyU?

ValleyU is open to anyone who would like to attend. It is free and no registration is required. If a class sounds interesting to you, show up! It’s that simple. All are welcome. Hear from professors from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, one of the world’s leading seminaries, as well as Valley leaders you know.


Upcoming Classes

Date TBD
Lesson: The Trinity and the Miracle of Incarnation

Speakers: Gavin Quill & Pastor Quintin


RightNow Media

As part of ValleyU, we are offering our congregation access to RightNow Media, an on-demand library of 20,000 teaching videos from national-level speakers. Looking to gather and watch as a group? We’ve got you covered. Occasionally we will offer these videos as a group event in person.

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