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Love You Des Moines Summer

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We love our city! Now more than ever, our community needs the Church to show up to help out, and God has opened some amazing doors for Valley Church. The Valley Community Center has an entire summer full of ways you can show the love of Christ to Des Moines and beyond.

Host a Mini Block Party!

August 10-16

Hosting a mini block party is a simple and meaningful way to say Love You Des Moines! There are so many fun (and socially distanced) ways you can build relationships with neighbors. Download our guide to get started today!
Download the Mini Block Party GuideRegister your Party!

Love Your Neighbor

For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
- Galatians 5:14
What if Jesus' command to love our neighbors meant loving our actual neighbors? Not as a project, but as a lifestyle? Here are some practical ways you can reach your neighbors. Join us in these Love You Des Moines opportunities.

Reach Out

Look for simple ways to interact with you neighbors:

  • Send them a note or give them a call
  • Drop off a gift basket, cookies, popcorn or something you know they like
  • Start a neighborhood Facebook group
  • Share vegetables from your garden
  • Invite your neighbors to the Valley Classic Car Show
  • Or invite them to join you at any Valley Community Center activity

Offer to Help Out

There are plenty of ways to stay socially distanced AND fill a need!

  • Cut their lawn
  • Watch their kids outside
  • Take their dog on a walk
  • Offer up your skills! Help with a DIY or home improvement project, make them a meal, teach them a card game, or host a photo shoot session

Host a Block Party

Spend some time together:

  • Offer a driveway popsicle party
  • Host an outdoor movie party by projecting it on your garage
  • Make a free lemonade stand
  • Set up a yard game tournament
  • Reserve the Valley Community Center Block Party Trailer
Reserve the Trailer

Host a casual get together

Connect through conversation:

  • Have coffee and catch up on lawn chairs in the driveway
  • BYOM (bring your own meal) and picnic in the yard
  • Make a batch of lemonade and chat on your patio

Do a random act of kindness

Every neighborhood could use more kindness!

  • Write a note or call an elderly person
  • Run an errand for them
  • Rake their leaves
  • Help them move in
  • Sincerely pray for your neighbors

Plan a gathering or outing

Be creative in how you get together:

  • Go on a neighborhood bike ride or run
  • Go Christmas caroling to celebrate Christmas in July
  • Go on a nature walk together and provide scavenger hunts for the kids

Make the Most of Holidays

Choose a holiday or two and give a gift, have a party, invite them to an event, or do something together.

  • July – Independence Day
  • August – Back to School Night
  • September – Labor Day, Patriot Day

Serve the Community Together

Transform your front door into a collection spot for the Love You Des Moines Summer Compassion Project! All it takes is putting a bin by your door and asking your neighbors to drop off donations.